Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Everyone

So hey you guys I’m back.  I am sorry you guys I haven’t talked to you since my first blog but I’m here today to say Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

First and foremost guys we should have been recognizing this day yesterday because today is January 16th and his Birthday is actually January the 15th.  However we celebrated it today with big parades and lots of fun. 

We enjoyed ourselves in Baltimore on MLK Day.  As many of you may already know Maryland as a whole and the Baltimore city has played a major role in the history of slavery and to this day the effects of slavery can still be seen within Baltimore.  You guys should check out the movie Hidden Colors #4 to learn about it.

This documentary was eye opening and help me to appreciate exactly how important Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his efforts were to the city of Baltimore and to the black communities across this nation.



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